My name is Patrick Lindsey I am a Computer Information Systems student at Trenholm State Community in Montgomery Alabama.  Patrick Today is a place to learn about Information Technology, specifically, this site is presently dedicated to learning Elementor Pro in WordPress using the free version of the OceanWP Theme.  We will explore the many facets of designing WordPress pages using these tools.  We will also explore SEO Search Engine Optimization.  If you have an interest in learning on the WordPress and SEO for free contact me!  I can show you what I have learned and would be glad to learn something from you.  We use “Sand Boxes” to learn without worry of causing any damage.  In a Sand Box you can totally make a mess and it does not matter one bit.  This is one of the best free style ways to learn I can think of, by playing.  A Sand Box coupled with an online tutorial is a powerful combination!  Let’s do some accelerated learning.

"My goal is to learn as much about Information Technology as I can before I get back into the work force. Along the way I would love to make some like minded friends."
Patrick Lindsey
CIS Student
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