My name is Patrick Lindsey.  I am a member of wonderful and amazing church here in Alabama named Church of The Highlands.  My wife and I attend and serve at the Montgomery campus.  Our church is fresh and inspiring.  The worship is amazing, the message is always on point and the leadership does not make it about themselves.  We are blessed to be a part of something so special.


I would like to write a book.  I do not yet know what the title will be although I have some ideas.  Wanting to do God’s will is important to me so I will wait for a clear message on what the title will be.  In the mean time I will be blogging here on this site.  The attempt will be to write something everyday for at least a year and then draw from my writings to see if a book can be sifted out.

I recently listened to two audio books which I absolutely loved!  The were titled “Love Does” and “Everyone Always” written by Bob Goff.  What an
incredible talent for writing and inspiring others Bob has.  Another author I admire and would like to be more like is Chris Hodges, he is the Senior Pastor at Church of the Highlands.  The book “Fresh Air” by Chris is great!

I want to be like Bob and Chris!


Please visit the blog link often.  I will be posting on Facebook to keep my family and friends updated on the journey of writing this book.  I would
like to openly and actively honor my Mother and Father for bringing me into the world.  Life is a journey full of ups and downs and life is what we  make it, not what our parents did or didn’t do for us.  Let’s choose not to be victims, let’s choose to Love one another more profoundly than ever.

I look very forward to going on this journey with anyone who would like to come along.

"My goal is to is to be more like Jesus Christ. He came here and taught us to better Love one another. I would like to be a part of helping set people free from their past, not to worry about their future by trusting God and having faith in his power.  I want to help people be more present in each moment.”

Patrick Lindsey
Christian Husband, Father and Friend